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As of March, 13, inmates packed prisons built to hold a maximum of around 5, Rigid defamation laws and potential censorship by the government hinder reporters' effectiveness in bringing information to the public.

Arrive during daylight hours, verify the final destination, and buy tickets directly at the bus terminal. There are three official languages in Bolivia: Bolivia has laws in place that prohibit discrimination against LGBT lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people.

Popular myth has it that Bolivian president Mariano Melgarejo —71 traded the land for what he called "a magnificent white horse" and Acre was subsequently flooded by Brazilians, which ultimately led to confrontation and fear of war with Brazil.

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Do various segments of the population including ethnic, religious, gender, LGBT, and other relevant groups have full political rights and electoral opportunities?

Various online services such as Bolnet, offer links to official news, education, business, and country events. Promoting the right to communicate, expediting the process of informing the community, assisting the free flow of information and acting as a catalyst of change are major tasks achievable by community radio.

To ensure the free flow of information to the people, the government enacted the Right to Information Act History of Bolivia —64 Bolivia's territorial losses — During the early 20th century, tin replaced silver as the country's most important source of wealth.

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A vaccine is available for children over the age of one year. The reach of this radio station together is to over 4 million people.

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All the applicants to CR in India as well as representatives from 13 countries attended. Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity In Maythe Plurinational Assembly passed a bill that allows people to revise the gender noted on their identification documents without prior judicial approval.

As of Decembermore than 15, inmates were packed into prisons built to hold a maximum of around 5, The Community radio station is located in Jimma University in the south-west of Ethiopia.


Chile took control of today's Chuquicamata area, the adjoining rich salitre saltpeter fields, and the port of Antofagasta among other Bolivian territories. Greater sentences can even be imposed if the de-famed official is high-ranking, such as the president or a cabinet minister.

Monitor Bolivian media and the U. There are village stations, small-town stations, university stations, subcultural and religious stations. An Independent Broadcast Authority was created to oversee the opening of the country's airwaves, with small community radio stations being permitted to broadcast for the first time.

Stations operate independently and locally, making decisions on programming and scheduling by consensus. Civil Unrest Demonstrations, road blocks, protests, and other forms of civil unrest are common, especially in La Paz, Santa Cruz, and Cochabamba.

In the city of Santa Cruz contact Interpol at At the end of the year, he staged a televised rally to claim popular support and announced, "Bueno, me quedo", or, "All right; I'll stay [in office]. Santa Cruz suffers from higher levels of criminal activity.

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To see details and descriptions on each of the individual operational community radio stations, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting prepares a compendium on Community radio, which is also available and published on their website. Opposition leaders and human rights organizations have criticized the decrees, saying authorities failed to adequately consult with indigenous groups before issuing them.

Under Bolivian law, abortion is not a crime when the pregnancy is due to rape or if the procedure is necessary to protect the life or health of a pregnant women. These laws are considered a violation of human rights by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights but are still in effect, although not necessarily enforced.The government can legally provide foreign victims with humanitarian visas to remain in Bolivia temporarily and, if granted, enable victims to apply for a work permit; authorities did not report the number of humanitarian visas granted for Report: Bolivia’s Telecoms Market is Fastest Growing in Latin America Although relatively small in size, Bolivia is the fastest growing telecom market in all of Latin America.

According to a study by Pyramid Research, this land-locked country in. Thanks to high commodity prices and a prudent macroeconomic policy, economic growth in Bolivia averaged percent between and The favorable economic context led to a reduction in moderate poverty, from 59 percent in to 39 percent inwhile the Gini Index fell from to in the same period.

Economic Framework Bolivia is the poorest country in South America. Recovering from severe recession in the s, it enjoyed moderate growth in the s, until the economy slowed down after the Asian financial crisis in Now for the first time in HD, Series 14 of the world's biggest car show takes to the skies as James makes a DIY airship - out of a caravan.

Back on the ground, Richard races airport machinery down a runway to solve the problems of air travel. In last month's Report, we noted that since the middle of the year oil supply had increased sharply, with gains in the Middle East, Russia and the United States more than compensating for falls in production in Iran, Venezuela and calgaryrefugeehealth.com data show that the pace has accelerated, and this higher output, in combination with Iranian sanctions waivers issued by the US and steady demand.

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A report on bolivia
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