Effect of fraud on organisational performance case study of banking sector

According to Ajayi another challenge is in the area of international financial market.

Bank Fraud and How it Affects the Banking Industry.

The latter is based on the fact that regardless of the market structure of the regulator of the financial system, the tendency, toward regulation is similarly based the experience that financial market is similarly based the experience that financial market can be prone to instability and harmful to fraud.

It is not an understatement that only well managed banks especially with respect to fraud prevention would survive in the coming years. Cross Flying and kite flying: The high turnover of frauds, theft, defalcations and forgeries in the banking system is capable of undermining the growth, development and stability of banks which at the moment seems to be doggedly affecting the financial sector of the economy.

The test of hypothesis for the present study is stated as given; H Fraud risk management should be approached in a systematic manner. This alarming degree of distresses created a great fear on banking and confidence was lost by the potential customer, especially the shareholders.

Bank Fraud Fraud is a conscious international notion of a person or a group of persons in the form of forgery, falsification of document, un-authorizing signature and outright theft. Introduction The costs of fraud are passed on to society in form of increased customer inconvenience, opportunity costs, unnecessary high prices of goods and services, and criminal activities funded by the fraudulent gains.

Cross flying and kite flying of cheques by the customer with or without the collaboration of the branch manager is a fraudulent act. The specific objectives involved: The Effect of Fraud on the Performance of the Banking Industry in Nigeria — Research Questions Based on the bank fraud, the following questions were been entertained with regards to its effects on the banking industry performance ECO Bank Abakaliki branch is the sample of the study.

Interestingly, many companies subscribe to the philosophy of fraud prevention as a competitive advantage where they gauge part of their success by how much fraud they can push off on their competitors. This can be defined as an act of or course of deception of trickery deliberately practiced in order to gain some advantage dishonestly.

The capital base of the banks has affected by bank fraud. Means falsification of attempts or guilty of fraud. Poaching of experienced and seasoned workers across all cadres to fill the ever increasing job openings in the banking sector became the order of the day.

Other academic problems like lack of relevant textbooks for the study were also a set back. As a matter of fact, the non-performing risk assets of distress bank are always higher than amount requires recapitalizing them. It is a major predator of the business world and unyielding factor to all investment of human endeavors.

This philosophy is by no means limited to a certain industries as well, and contributes to an overall increase in losses and missed opportunities. As a result of their decisions, the ex-staff member may very well obtain employment at another financial institution and commit the same crime again.

To ascertain the effects of fraud on the capital base of banks.

The Effect of Fraud on the Performance of the Banking Industry in Nigeria

The capital base of the banks has affected by bank fraud. Similarly, the capital bases of the bank have been affected as a result of fraud and the liquidity position of the bank is affected.

In spite of all these however, there has been an increase in the number of bank in fraudulent act. Major findings of the study were that fraud is the main causes of bank distress in our banking industry.

The Effect of Fraud on the Performance of the Banking Industry in Nigeria

The ability to quickly analyze fraud loses and implements prevention and detection policies increases the difficulty for the fraudsters, as they must defeat the new strategies put in place fast action can make fraudsters go elsewhere this forced migration is a core component for these compares which treat fraud management as a competitive advantage.

The guidelines correctly address deterrence and prevention stages of the fraud management lifecycle. It is a well established fact that before fraud can take place, there must be: In the explanation of above, fraud appear to constitute risky variable that stand between banks and their progress.

On the other hand, Ovuakprie sees bank fraud as any activity that lead to dishonest or unfair dealing. It is based on the forging that this project is essential.rewards. These variables are described in different studies that affect the performance of employees at work place.

This study will find out the impact of working hours, trainings, communication barriers, stress and financial rewards on the employees’ performance in the banking sector. EFFECT OF FRAUD IN NIGERIA BANKING INDUSTRY (A Case Study of First Bank Plc) ABSTRACT.

Fraud means an act of dishonesty, deceit and imposture. According to Kirk Patrick [], a person who pretends to the something he is not is a Fraud, deceptive trick, Cheat and a swindle. of financial fraud on commercial bank performance in Kenya. Bank’s Performance This is the profitability of the bank as a result of a firm's policies and operations in monetary terms.

These results are reflected in the firm's return on investment, return on assets, value added, capital base, employee’s performance and customer loyalty. Bank Fraud and How it Affects the Banking Industry (A Nigeria Case Study) Bank Fraud in Nigeria – In verifying Bank Fraud, its effects on banking industry performances the researcher reviewed the related literature under the following sub-headings.

organizational performance of banking sector of Pakistan. 3. Objectives More explicitly the objectives of the study were: 1. To know and observe the form of employee participation and organizational performance in banking sector of Pakistan. 2. To investigate the scope of relationship among different types of employee participation and.

The Effect of Fraud on the Performance of the Banking Industry in Nigeria – Objective of Study. The general objective of this study is to evaluate the effects of fraud on the performance of the banking industry in Nigeria.

The specific objectives involved: 1. To determine the effects of fraud on the profitability of banks. 2.

Effect of fraud on organisational performance case study of banking sector
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