Essay against compulsory voting

Compulsory voting is wrong and should not be forced on anyone. Such issues are for example public transportation, water supply, sanitation etc.

A Bunch of Arguments for Compulsory Voting

Personal survey I have made a little personal survey and its results support my thesis. For example, if a voter is presented with a stand-alone touch-screen device, the integrity of the secret ballot is preserved yet the participant is unable to bypass their compulsory obligation: Sometimes there was some form of social opprobrium to those not participating.

If 1 and 2, then whatever increases trust and solidarity is justified. Some people have no interest, or knowledge about politics, so it would be counter-productive to force such people to vote. Everyone has a freedom of speech in democratic countries, and part of freedom of speech is freedom not to speak.

Australia — Introduced for state elections in Queensland inexcluding Aboriginal indigenous Australians. The Autonomy Argument It is valuable for each person to be autonomous and self-directed, and to live by rules of her own making.

A Bunch of Arguments for Compulsory Voting

As a result, candidates would be forced to be more transparent about their stance on controversial issues. Votes should be cast by individuals who strongly believe in the people they vote for, not by individuals who vote because they have no other choice.

However, since these are people who have a pronounced need for representation, this decision is irrational. In case of compulsory voting, individual freedom represents freedom not to vote, which is denied by mandatory voting. As mandatory voting reaches higher voting turnout, more groups sensitive about specific topic are included in the voting.

Lack of knowledge and interest E. If citizens have a moral duty to do something, then government may force them to do it. Compulsory voting can achieve higher efficiency in politics, especially on local level. Bolivia — Introduced in Therefore, compulsory voting produces more representative government.

Compulsory voting

Therefore, compulsory voting enhances autonomy. If these people are force to go to vote, it causes them self-dispute which of the rules should they follow; their belief or laws of a certain country.

Therefore, all citizens should vote. Annabelle Lever, professor of University of Geneva in Switzerland, points out that people are not always the best judges of specific fields; therefore, they may decide not to go to vote. If all citizens should vote, then government should compel them to vote.

Decrease Interest It could push individuals who have no interest in taking part of building a government for the people to vote.Argumentative Essay: Voting The fact that this is a continuing and growing trend makes it critical.

A solution to this problem is compulsory voting. The history of democracy proves that compelling people to vote has worked before. In Ancient Athens, where democracy began, all male citizens over 18 years of age had to attend the. “Voting should not be compulsory in Australia” members of the medical community, and the public at large (Cooper et al.

). Evidence Based Arguments against Mandatory HPV Vaccination Childhood immunizations, such. Voting, by contrast, is the process by which citizens delegate power to government.

Therefore, compulsory voting would entail forcing large numbers of people to make an uninformed decision on a. For many years in several countries, voting is non-compulsory. This means that the government does not force its citizens to show up at voting precincts to cast their votes.

However, there are a number of nations that impose mandatory voting. These include Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Greece and Singapore, to name a few. Arguments Used Against Compulsory Voting Some suggest that it is undemocratic to force people to vote and is an infringement of liberty.

The "ignorant" and those with little interest in politics are forced to the polls. “Voting should not be compulsory in Australia” Popular participation is often cited as one of the fundamental principles of democracy. The right to vote being a freedom that has, and continues to be, sought after by people all over the world.

Essay against compulsory voting
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