Issues of social exclusion and teenage

Statistics were thrown at me about the various outcomes for teenage parents all signifying that the average teenage pregnancy is likely to require costly and regular interventions from the state, and ones which the current Coalition government appear to be loathe to make.

However, most teens are not mature enough emotionally to have reached that point where they are capable of making the best decisions in a relationship, hence the typically drama and struggles teens face with relationships.

Trying to forcefully control teenagers' online use, such as gaming, often leads to alienation from parents and an increased teen desire to use such devices. Only teens can make the choice whether to go against the morals their parents taught them.

Although, as discussed, aspirations for the child seemed to be unaffected in my research, I fear for the impact of the subconscious. Child poverty had trebled between and ; notified drug addicts quadruped in the decade toand in the early 90s there were about 2, people sleeping rough in London every night.

I adopted a semi-structured framework, employing a list of pre-defined though different for the young people and the professionals questions that are attached in my appendix. The desire not to be embarrassed can go a long way, pushing teens to make poor decisions. Parents, who love their teens, feel compelled to help their kids through this difficult struggle.

According to the government's own figures these units have proved effective in tackling social exclusion. However I agree with this reports finding that the relationship between these factors is complex, with the potential dislike of school feeding risky behaviour and vice versa to the point of a chicken and egg scenario.

Capitalism is a conscious choice and deliberately causes exclusion. What I think was the goal from the behavior. While, for boys, it might have indicated confidence about the mechanics of using condoms, for girls, it may have indicated confidence in negotiating condom use.

Teen Social Issues

The potential issue I had to avoid was losing the purpose of the conversation — of familiarity overbearing — but adopting a semi-structured approach, with a set list of pre-defined questions ensured this could be overcome.

Last December, homelessness tsar Louise Casey announced that the number of rough sleepers had fallen by two-thirds since What is not clear is how an oppressive stick will serve better than or without the carrot of realistically obtainable work.

Examine issues around social exclusion and teenage pregnancy

Social exclusion in European cities. This could range from physical, emotional, verbal abuse with friends, family and even a boyfriend or a girlfriend.


Abuse There are many types of abuse that teens might face. The government then set up Whitehall units for neighbourhood renewal; rough sleepers; teenage pregnancy, and children and young people to improve joint working between departments on policy and delivery.

And this brings me to another issue — research felt at odds with my nature as a youth worker. The term has come to stand for the shining beacons of the socially excluded and as teenage parents are a specifically targeted group for this theory it is only appropriate that I spend some time analyzing this term in relation to teenage pregnancy.

There are also plenty of online resources.

Issues of Social Exclusion and Teenage Pregnancy

Links to wider theoretical debates Perhaps because I have always found thinking strategically a difficult proposition I find it hard to make a sweeping generalization about how teenage pregnancy relates to social exclusion.

It takes time to change the outlook of a generation, to completely erode the livelihoods of a community, but even longer to do this for the better — to restore them.

The overwhelming majority of Teenage Parents I interviewed were no longer in a relationship with the other parent. Whilst I introduced myself effectively and offered each participant the opportunity t walk away, there must have been fears for the confidentiality of any disclosures.

We spent too much time thinking about the girl doing the bullying. An asthmatic teen, for example, for example, he might avoid using his inhaler in front of his friends, despite the potential risks for doing so.Social exclusion is a relatively new term in British policy - not only referring to poverty and low income but some of their wider causes and consequences.

The government has defined social. Young people, pregnancy and social exclusion: A systematic synthesis of research Three quarters of the studies included in the map related to social exclusion and teenage parenthood, and a quarter to teenage pregnancy.

Most of The qualitative research focused on personal and family issues. Social issues increasing the risks of teenage pregnancy. A number of social factors have been associated with an increased risk of teenage pregnancy and teenage pregnancy itself has also been linked to an increased risk of a number of adverse social.

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Social exclusion: the issue explained

Study objective: The UK government argues that “social exclusion” increases risk of teenage pregnancy and that educational factors may be dimensions of such exclusion. The evidence cited by the government is limited to reporting that socioeconomic disadvantage and educational attainment.

ISSUES OF SOCIAL EXCLUSION IN RELATION TO TEENAGE PREGNANCY By DAVID PLUMTREE U 31/01/11 INTRODUCTION The UK is widely quoted as having the highest levels of Teen Pregnancy in Western Europe (EPPI, ).

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Issues of social exclusion and teenage
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